Camper Questionnaire

All campers are required to fill out our Camper Profile Form

You may use the online form below to complete your camper profile, or scroll to the bottom of the page for a printable PDF.
Owner's Name:
How did you hear about us?
Pet's Name:
Who else is allowed to pick up the camper?
We will require a photo ID.
Preexisting Conditions

Camper Personality Profile

Where did you get your pet?
How long have you had your pet?
Does your pet like children?
Describe how your pet gets along with other animals.
Does your pet like to be brushed?
How often do you brush your pet?
Does your pet have any sensitive areas of his/her body?
Where are your pet's favorite petting spots?
Is there anything that your pet fears or dislikes?
Please check the answer that most describes your pet's daily routine.
Has your pet ever bitten any person or other animal and under what circumstances?
Describe your pet's response to nail trims/baths/ear cleanings ( Do you do it yourself?).
Does your pet have any problems in the following areas?
If yes to above, please explain.
Has your pet ever growled or snapped at anyone over food or treats or a toy?
Does your pet share food or toys with any other animals?
How does your dog react to other dogs?
Is this different in your own home?
Has your dog ever been to a dog park? How was the reaction?
How does your dog react to strangers?
Does your pet like to play with toys?
If so, what is your pet's favorite toy?
Does your pet know any tricks?
Has your pet ever had any formal obedience training?
What commands does your pet know?
Does your pet recognize hand commands?
Has your pet ever been boarded or taken care of by a pet sitter?
What feeding schedule is your dog accustomed to?